An easy way to light a flame under your holiday sales


U.S. retail sales of candles are estimate at $3.2 billion annually! That’s billion with a “b.” And that’s not including accessories!

Candles are universally loved, make great holiday gifts and are a relatively inexpensive way to add ambiance to any home. It should come as no surprise really, that 35% of all candle sales occur during the holiday season (and the majority are bought by women).

Candles can help increase average sale this year in just about any category of store, from clothing boutiques to restaurants, hardware stores to beauty salons. And they make gorgeous visual displays!

Here are 4 tips for creating candle cash this holiday season

Explore local makers on Etsy and other crafting sites to find interesting and possibly exclusive lines to carry. Look for themed and specialty candles like those created specifically for men.

Bundle candles at special prices with other items to make them irresistible.

Offer them as a gift with purchase.

Gift wrap a selection as a great grab and go gift option.

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