Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

The New Manifesto for
Retail Success!

So many of the owners I have worked with over the years were paralyzed by the fear of losing their businesses or making the wrong decisions. Others just assumed they wouldn’t be able to affect change without a huge budget to hire professionals. In my years of working with these owners, I know nothing could be further from the truth.


Owning an independent retail store or restaurant isn’t easy. The hours alone would bring most people to their knees! And help to launch, grow or save a small store isn’t always easy to find – or afford.

Growing Small, How to Manage, Market and Measure Your Way to Retail Success in Just 90 Days! Even if you have no time or money. is a new kind of book that shows owners exactly how to take back control of their success, regardless of skill level or budget. It’s a practical, no-nonsense playbook filled with case studies and examples curated out of the author’s experiences as a consultant to Mom and Pop stores across the country. Growing Small focuses on the real life challenges faced by today’s small business owners – and provides a proven process to fix them!

The book offers a fresh perspective on the three principals of success: manage, market and measure. It guides the reader through the process of identifying key issues blocking success, then helps them create a 90-day plan to reach realistic goals. 

By breaking down the elements into manageable pieces, owners are able to develop the correct strategy and most importantly, measure the results of their efforts. That’s when the transformation happens and gives the owner the confidence to continue.

Best of all, the book operates on the premise that most owners are short on time and money and respects that position, offering innovative ideas that require a minimal investment of both.

Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

The Growing Small Manifesto


Independent business is the foundation of our economic machine and can provide the owner a great living and a lot of satisfaction. Of course, a great small business is also a terrific launching pad if you have higher aspirations, but for now, let’s focus on creating the best small business possible. Not bigger. Just better.


Big Praise for Growing Small

The best part of “Growing Small” is the “crisis support” the book offers.

Like an emergency room triage, this section of the book isolates specific problems that need to be addressed and offers specific help addressing them. The author displays a detailed knowledge of retail and small business ownership without getting too bogged down in unnecessary detail.

“Growing Small” is a fast and action-oriented read which can be followed in check-box fashion by a retail manager or owner who may not find this kind of help in other resource
— Small Business Trends, 4.5 Stars
This is the most useful, practical book you will read as a small business owner. It’s not only a helping hand when times are tough, but a book to use as a reference to make sure you’re covering all the bases. In fact, I would recommend you read this before starting a retail business. See if you have what it takes to Grow Small.
— Gina
This book is incredibly insightful to help small business on a very real and very practical platform. Angel Cicerone clearly has the prowess from being in the trenches with all kinds of businesses for decades which makes the book’s principles very real for me. Her writing style is direct and to the point, and her worksheets/workshop materials are incredibly useful and practical. I would recommend this book to any retailer or merchant that has products or services to sell who just wants to polish their business model and squeeze out success one step at a time without a huge (or really any) cash commitment.
— Craig