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The retail world isn't the most friendly place these days.

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Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

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Plain talk tech for independent retail and restaurant owners

There is no better time to be a small retail or restaurant owner.  Never before has there been so much sophisticated and affordable technology available to help level the playing field for the local shop. Unfortunately, it can also be a deep dark scary mystery! EASY+RETAIL+TECH will take you boldly and fearlessly into the world of technology and the solutions available to help you grow and prosper.  The podcast will:

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  • Introduce you to technology in plain speak via a simple
    problem/solution format

  • Translate large company tech strategies to small store scale –
    providing success stories or relevant application strategies

  • When possible, provide an analog alternative or free hacks

  • Provide exceptional ROI for a busy store owner’s listening time
    with actionable details

  • Demonstrate how the effective use of technology can help the
    small operation easily level up

"I have a passion for small businesses. It's in my DNA! In my career, I've been fortunate to learn from and about growing small businesses of every type and have leveraged that experience into an innovative program specifically designed to help independent retailers and restaurant owners thrive!"


Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

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Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

Big praise and big results!

As first time business owners there are many things you need to do to set up your new business.  It can be very overwhelming and you constantly wonder how you can improve your business strategy.  Participation in this program helped fine tune our strategy,  develop new ideas, and stay focused.  
— Craig, Cosmetics Store Owner
Angel taught me to become a true entrepreneur. I worked as an employee at my company and thought it was satisfactory but when she helped me step back and work on my business it changed my life and the success of my hair salon. Promotions and community involvement, even in small ways, change things for the better.
— Liz, Salon Owner
I received an enlightening look into my daily operations, financial strategy, shopper friendly retail store layout, and the customer’s perception of my business. This experience made my company successful, organized and best of all profitable!
— Steven, Chocolate Store Owner
Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass


For years, Angel has been delighting and informing audiences on topics about small business and effective marketing. Sheis a sought after speaker and trainer for groups and organizations around the country and has been a faculty member at the prestigious ICSC University. Her years of working with independent retailers and restaurants provides audiences a unique and no-nonsense perspective on how to grow the best possible small business in the shortest amount of time.