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Angel delights, entertains, and most importantly informs her audiences.

A highly sought after expert, trainer and podcaster, Angel has earned a reputation for taking advanced marketing strategies like webinar creation, online education and list building, and distilling them into easy-to-understand and highly actionable lessons that get people results fast.


Angel's Most Requested Keynotes and Training:


Your Baby is Ugly and Other Tough Conversations I Have Every Day


You vs. The Big Guys
How small shops can compete with the online behemoths - even without
selling anything online.


Creating A Great Future Out Of Uncertain Present
Don't let the problems in the retail industry stop you from carving out
your future success.


Are You Giving The Consumer A Reason To Leave The House?



Media Requests + Interviews


Does your group or organization need something special? Angel has shared her unique marketing strategies and insights with top rated media outlets and business publications all over the world.