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Retail MasterClass is the most comprehensive online course available today. The depth of knowledge available in this course can change your business!


This isn't some theoretical mumbo-jumbo. You don't have time for that! Retail MasterClass identifies real life retail problems and provides proven and practical real life solutions that are easy to implement.



Think of Retail MasterClass as a blueprint for business improvement. The course takes you step-by-step, building from one lesson to the next to help you create a solid foundation.

It's proven. It's practical. It works!

18-module video series covering all aspects
of retail business ownership


✓ Self-paced
Webinars accessible 24/7 to accommodate your busy schedule

✓ Bite-sized learning segments
15-40 minute modules make it easy to learn and implement

✓ User options
Opportunity to create a 90-day plan or utilize only those modules of interest/ importance

✓ Added value
Workbook, worksheets and cheat sheets included

✓ Real time networking
Access to a private Facebook page for peer engagement and continued training

✓ Affordable
We priced Retail MasterClass so that price would definitely not stand between you and getting the education you need to succeed!


Are you ready to make excuses? Or money?


Angel Cicerone Retail MasterClass

My retail and restaurant clients across the country have one thing in common:                                 

When we first speak, they all have a litany of reasons as to why their businesses are not performing to their expectations:  

I picked the wrong location
There’s no traffic in my shopping center
I need more signage
The rent’s too high
I don’t have a marketing budget

And yet, after 90 days of working together, the vast majority of them see significant increases in revenue, improved concept, operations and marketing and even more importantly, gain the confidence to continue on to even greater success. 

There's no secret sauce or magic bullet. What my clients come to understand is that, despite any external factors, they’re in control of their success. And so are you.

It just takes a guided plan and a commitment to make your business unforgettable and competitive in today’s retail environment. (And by the way, making this happen doesn't take a lot or time or a ton of money.) 

So after years of perfecting the formula for helping retail and restaurant owners make their business healthy and thrive — quickly — I've compiled all the same information I use in my private practice into one amazing video course. 

Now you can get the same benefits as my private clients with Retail MasterClass!   

Retail MasterClass is the exact
step-by-step system I use to increase
revenues by 10, 20, even 200% in just 90 days!


The 5 essential building blocks to business success


The Most Important Person in Your Business
How to wear a CEO Hat(and keep it on)

Creating a Kick Ass Concept
A great concept is the foundation of retail success.

Building an Unforgettable Brand
How to create a 360 degree brand experience

Harnessing the Power of Data
Information is power and you’ve got unprecedented access. Learn how to use it to grow!

Creating the Dream Team
Key newstrategies for recruiting, hiring and firing.


Now that the infrastructure is set up properly,
it's time to tell the world!

Social Media: A Retailer’s Best Friend
Social media gives small business one of the greatest competitive advantages of all time - if used correctly.

Effective Email Marketing
Yes, customersreally do want to hear from you!

Customer Service and Loyalty
Ideas for meeting – and exceeding- today’s elevated customer expectations.

Promotions and Events
Learn the four different types of promotions and how to maximize the effectiveness of each.

Ambassadors and Allies
How to cultivate your own team ambassadors and allies!

Marketing Myths and Misunderstandings
What’s getting in the way of you and effective marketing?

Creating the Ideal Customer Avatar
Learn how to create a data -driven customer avatar and use the information to grow your customer base.

Marketing From the Inside Out -Parts I & II
The first place to start an effective marketing strategy is right inside your store. 

Windows That Wow!
A foolproofand inexpensive format for attention-grabbing windows!

The Online Toolbox
A complete overview of online options and how they can transform your business. 


If you can't measure it, how do you know it's working?

Test. Tweak. Measure. Repeat.
Measurement is the linchpin of success. Learn to target every aspect of your business without wasting a minute of time or a cent of your money.

 With Retail MasterClass,
you get the three things you need most,
all in one place!


Yep! It works!

They say the “Devil is in the Details” and this is the true value of Angel’s services. Her approach is very comprehensive and she leaves no stones unturned.
— Skip, Men's Salon Owner
I was skeptical in the beginning and thought I already knew how to run my business effectively.  The program quickly opened my eyes to so many things that I could do differently and within a couple months my sales had improved by about 10 percent!
— Liz, Boutique Owner
The program was very beneficial for our family-owned business.  It motivated us to reach outside our comfort zone and to perform tasks to increase sales.  The tools continue to help us stay on track and thrive.
— Colleen, Breakfast Restaurant Owner

Try a sample video on for size.


Retail is evolving every single day.
Let us do the groundwork for you!

When you purchase Retail MasterClass, you not only receive lifetime access to the
course, you will receive updates as well as through live webinars and your private Facebook
group. That way, you'll always have the latest ideas, information, and tips to keep you
on the cutting edge of success.


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Retail MasterClass offers a ton of value!

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This program is the result of nearly a decade of successfully working with business owners like you.

I don't teach anything I haven't tested.

My strategies are proven and I teach them in an incredibly clear and actionable way.

I know you will be able to do big things with this information.

Not one, but TWO guarantees:

Guarantee #1
If, after 7 days, you are not wowed by the program, we'll refund your money and cancel your membership. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2
Join the Retail MasterClass Community and if, within 90 days, you haven’t found one idea or solution to work for you, just email me and I’ll coach you personally to find the perfect answer to your problem.