My retail clients across the country have two things in common:

  1. A real desire to improve business
  2. A list of reasons why it's not happening:
    I picked the wrong location
    There's no traffic in my center
    The rent's too high
    A competitor opened across the street

The list goes on but you get the picture...



There will always be external factors that affect business but one fact remains above all:

The future of your business lies in YOUR hands.

You have the power to elevate, to succeed and to grow the kind of business you've always dreamed of.

That's a really exciting place to be!

  • You're too busy in the day-to-day to think about the big picture
  • Money is tight
  • Time is even tighter
  • You wouldn't know where to turn even if you did have the time
  • You're feeling a little lost, embarrassed, concerned, scared… (insert your emoji here)

You're in the loop of insanity.

You know what I'm talking about. It's where you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Maybe you've tried some new things but they didn't work and you just can't figure out why!

I know how demanding, exhausting, exciting and exhilarating it is to build a business. And I know firsthand how frustrating it is not to have all the answers – as though somehow owning a business should give you magical mystical powers! It doesn’t quite work that way. We’re all human here and we all have a lot to learn.

What you really need is an easy and convenient way to break out, to learn, and to get objective and insightful help. Right?

But where? How?

Up until now there really hasn't been anything that fit the bill. Maybe you've tried a chamber seminar but the topic wasn’t relevant to retail. Or an online course that was too narrow in focus. And a private consultant would probably cost too much. Retailers haven’t had a lot to choose from in the way of getting the help they need.

The good news is, that's all changed!


Introducing Retail MasterClass!

Retail MC Transparant final.png

It's not just a course. It's a community.

Retail MasterClass combines the best of online learning with a real-time
portal to network with and get support from other store owners just like you!

With Retail MasterClass,
you get the three things you need most,
all in one place!


The Retail MasterClass Community includes:

The Online Course

18 online video lessons based on my proven success principles

Self Paced. Availabe 24/7 - learn when you have time

Bite-sized segemnts: 15-45 minute lessons

Cheat sheets and worksheets to systematically guide you through the process

Flexibility - Use the entire system to create a 90-day transformation or just focus on the lessons most important to you

The Community

Isolation is one of the biggest challenges of business ownership. Where can you turn for advice and information? Your Retail MasterClass community is there for you 365 days a year!

• Having trouble with social media engagement and need some suggestions?

• Would you like an accountability partner?

• Want an opinion on your newest display?

Just ask!

You’ll have me to turn to for suggestions, ideas, feedback and advice. Plus you’ll have the power of an entire community. That shoe store owner in Miami might just have the perfect solution to the problem you’re facing in Salt Lake City!

Where else can you find that?

The Access

How do you keep current? What are the industry trends? Is there a new app or piece of software that might help your business run better? Is that book about entrepreneurship worth reading?

It’s hard to run a business and not drown in the swirling current of new information.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We do the reading, the research and the recommendations for you so you can stay at the cutting edge – and still have free time to focus on running your business.

That’s what being part of a community is all about.


How do you know if Retail MasterClass is right for you?


If you own a retail store, salon, spa or walk-in service business and you are:

  • Struggling to grow revenues or profit margins
  • Looking to get ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced retail environment
  • Ready to scale up or expand your concept
  • Want to take back control of your business
  • Find yourself discounting way too often
  • Affected by competition (online or brick and mortar)
  • Trying to make your marketing more effective
  • Frustrated because nothing seems to be working!

I don’t want to scare you but…

The statistics on small business survival in general aren’t great. They’re even worse for retail. In fact 53% of retail stores that open aren’t around for their 5th anniversary.

Why? Largely because owners get stuck in one place. They cling to ideas and strategies that aren’t working, are outdated or don’t resonate in the marketplace.

I don’t need to tell you how retail has, and continues to change. That in no way means you can’t be successful. It just means you have to evolve with it.

And that requires new ideas and input. Without it, you could be on the harsh side of that statistic.

The program was very beneficial for our family-owned business.  It motivated us to reach outside our comfort zone and to perform tasks to increase sales.  The tools continue to help us stay on track and thrive.
— Colleen, Breakfast Restaurant Owner


For a limited time, you can enroll as a
Founding Member at a dramatically reduced cost!

Here's what you get...


The Course

18 click-and-play video lessons

Lifetime access to Retail MasterClass

Retail MasterClass workbook

90-day plan template

7 downloadable cheatsheets


The Community

Your private Retail MasterClass Facebook community with live business buiiding events, updates, access to me and other store owners around the country and consistent news and information to help you successfully run your business.


The Access

Regular updates on research and recommendations on books, software, and blogs that will help you stay on the

Plus these Founding Member-Only Bonsuses

Additional live and recorded webinars on the issues YOU request and other relevant topics throughout the year.

New video lessons added quarterly

The first 20 people to sign up will receive two, one-hour group coaching calls.

Total Bonus Value:

Regular Price
$49 /month (12 months)

(12 months)


This program is the result of nearly a decade
of successfully working with business owners like you.

I don't teach anything I haven't tested.

My strategies are proven and I teach them in an incredibly clear and actionable way.

I know you will be able to do big things with this information.

Not one, but TWO guarantees:

Guarantee #1
If, after 7 days, you are not wowed by the program, we'll refund your money and cancel your membership. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2
Join the Retail MasterClass Community and if, within 90 days, you haven’t found one idea or solution to work for you, just email me and I’ll coach you personally to find the perfect answer to your problem.

See terms and conditions for details.

The Story of Liz

You're probably thinking, “I’d like to sign up, but...” So before you decide, let me tell you the story of Liz.

Liz was an experienced salon owner with a boatload of debt and a lot to lose. She was convinced there was only one way to solve her problems and that was to reduce her rent. She didn't even want to entertain other options, including working with me. But, she said she'd think aboutit overnight.

The next day, she called me and said, "Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't. Let's get started."

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't.
Let's get started."

Liz ended up being one of my biggest success stories. One I'd love to tell you about. And by the way, she never did get that rent reduction. But she did double her business.

Liz's story isn't unusual. She's one of many, many clients who, with new input and ideas, have transformed their businesses into well-run success machines. And it's their successes- and failures- that help make Retail MasterClass the real-world training you simply won't find anywhere else.

Angel Cicerone
Founder and President, Tenant Mentorship
Author, Growing Small


Angel is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful small businesses. Her company, Tenant Mentorship, focuses solely on independent retail and restaurant owners to help them launch grow or save their businesses with an unprecedented success rate.

Angel is the recipient of over 200 local, regional and national awards for creative excellence and business ownership and a sought-after speaker and seminar leader. 



I am a passionate small business advocate. I started the journey of business ownership in my 20's and know how exciting and challenging it can be. I have personally made every mistake in the book and dedicated myself to helping other owners avoid theses pitfalls and get to their dreams faster! I created the program I wish I'd had to help me!

- Angel Cicerone
You can't plan a kernal of corn and expect a tulip to grow.

It’s time for discovery. It’s time to look fearlessly forward into what your business can be. It’s time to put the fun back in business ownership. No matter what type of business you own. No matter how small or great your struggles.

It’s your time!

You're not alone! There is help. You can afford it. And yes, it works!

Retail MasterClass is the same program that helped achieve these results:

>> Re-merchandising one area of a store to increase sales by 140% in one month!
>> Used this one little trick to help a chocolate store owner increase sales of chocolate bars 285% in one month.
>> Helped a restaurant double brunch sales in one week by doing this
>> And so many, many others increase revenues 10, 20 up to 200% in just 90 days!

Until next time - remember, You can do this!