90% of retail sales still take place in physical stores.
Pop Up retail can help you get your fair share!

Are you:

  • An online retailer who'd like to test a physical store?
  • A maker of items seeking an audience?
  • A retail or restaurant owner thinking about adding a location?
  • Someone with a new or unique concept you'd like to introduce?
  • A brand seeking an exciting short term promotional opportunity?

Then you should consider pop up retail, today's new retail testing ground! 
Pop Ups allow you to enter new markets, sample new products and create buzz - 
with limited risk, lower expenses and shorter ramp up times!

No matter the size of your company or the amount of experience you may have,
pop up success does require a solid strategy and advanced preparation to be a hit.


You're invited!
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7 ways pop up retail can launch or grow your business

October 1, 2018
4 pm EDT

Learn how "how-to's" of identifying the best pop up opportunity for your needs and formulating the perfect combination of creativity and business fundamentals to set the stage for pop up success!  


Power of the Pop Up is hosted by: 

Angel Cicerone
Tenant Mentorship

           Gregory Parsons
           Group Business Development Representative
           Brookfield Properties