Looking for an EASY way to improve
your online search results?

I’m sure that you, like most brick and mortar store owners, are looking for
ways to improve your online search results. But the confusion and cost of Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) may be holding you back.

I have a solution for you that I’m sure you’ll be very excited about.
It's a product is called Pointy.

Pointy is a little box that plugs into your POS system. 
posts all your products online just by scanning the bar code.
Then, Pointy indexes each product to rank highly in Google search results,
taking advantage of the explosive growth in local “near me” searches.

Pointy is amazing example of how technology can simplify digital
exposure for small business.

Now, here’s the best part.
Pointy costs just $499. That’s a one-time fee with no subscription
or set up charges.
I have asked the Pointy people to do a webinar to explain just how
this clever little device works and how it can benefit your business.
Pointy Webinar
OCTOBER 19, 2018

PLUS, there’ll be an additional discount off the already-low price – and additional bonuses –
for anyone who purchases after attending this webinar.
Please join me to learn how you can easily automate your online presence with Pointy.
Click here to register.
See you on the 19th!

P.S. The discounts and bonuses are only available for webinar attendees so be sure to put
it on your calendar! Click here to register