5 steps to an insanely successful holiday email campaign that actually sells products


How would you like to use email this holiday season, not to just communicate with customers but to also sell product?

I thought you’d like the idea, especially when I show you a simple way to:

  • Showcase your store personality
  • Get in front of potential customers more often
  • Create another revenue stream while doing it!

Remember, today’s customer is always shopping and this email campaign is giving them another convenient way to buy from YOU!  In just 5 steps, you’re going to create an email campaign featuring special items people can purchase immediately!    

Here’s what you’ll do.

1.  If possible, order items specifically for this promotion.  
You’ll need one product per email. Make sure these items are representative of your product mix but are not necessarily available in your store.

Choose high demand, high margin items for which you can offer a great value. Don’t use old product or poor selling items.You only need a LIMITED QUANTITY of each.

2.  Decide on a time frame for the campaign.
Will you offer one new item each day for a week? Or one item per week for 5 weeks prior to the holiday? You choose the duration and frequency of the campaign. 

3.  Decide on the rules of engagement. How will the program work?

Here’s one simple scenario:
Interested buyers hit REPLY to the email, adding the word SOLD in the subject line. Inside the body of the email they type in their name and phone number.  You call them within 30 minutes to get their credit card and finalize the sale.  Be sure to process in order of receipt of the emails.  

Design your own program that works for you by answering these questions:

  • How will customers order?
     Do they reply to the email or call in?
  • Will there be a deadline for the reply emails?
     i.e. This offer is only available until 5 pm today!
  • How long will they have to finalize the sale
    (i.e. "If you’ are not there when we call you we move on to the next email")
  • Will you deliver the purchase or have it ready for in store pickup?
  • Will they receive free gift wrap? Double points ?

Whatever the rules, explain them clearly in the email. 

4. Create strong visual and marketing message

Design a salesworthy template you’ll use for all the emails in the campaign.Don’t skimp here.If you don’t have a flair for this, hire someone to create the template for you.

Use the best photography you can.
Remember, you’re trying to sell something directly from this email. Show multiple views and even picture the product in use.

See if your vendors can provide quality photographs.  

Use descriptive copy about the item so readers will fully understand the
benefits of the product.

Stress these are limited quantity deals that will be sold on a first come, first served basis. You expect each offer to sellout so act quickly

5.  Follow up

Here’s where it gets fun. When you send out the next email, be sure to include the product from the last email with a big SOLD OUT over it.  It really builds the sense of urgency for the new item and builds interest as the campaign continues.

One more thing…

Promote your email campaign ahead of time as a lead – and excitement- generator. Use the campaign as a “hook” to collect emails (You don’t want to miss these special deals!) and promote the upcoming campaign heavily on social media to start building interest.  

That’s it for now. I know this will work for you and hop you ‘ll email me with results after you’ve implemented your program. success@angelcicerone.com

Until next time remember, 
You can do this!