3 Easy Steps to Create an E-Look Book


One of the things we know for sure is retailers need to get in front of target customers often.
And it’s important that communication show off a store’s personality as well as its product and services.

One really simple—and effective-- way to do this is through a simple E-Book.

Now don’t freak out.

You don’t need special skills or money to do this but if you want, you can turn to FIVERR.com
(cheap graphic design), Canva.com (free design software) or a local graphic designer to
help you through the process.

 Important note here: A Look Book is a terrific promotional tool for every type of retail business, not just boutiques and gift shops.  For example:
        A salon can feature hair color, styles and product
        A travel agent can display holiday destinations
        A walk-in clinic can create a “holiday safety” book

Here’s how to do it.

1. Decide which products or services to feature
Keep in mind this is a look book, not a catalog. This objective is to give
viewers a taste of your business; to get them interested and excited.
You really don’t need more than 4 or 8 pages to do that.  

Choose or take great photos
Can you get professional photos from your vendors?

Add short copy, not descriptions.
For example, if your photo is of bath products, you can say, “We carry a complete
line of everything she needs for a luxurious bath. Let us create a custom
assortment for your special someone.”

2. Tell your complete holiday story
The Look Book format allows you to tell readers a lot more about your store
than other formats to be sure to include the following:

      Holiday hours, special services (i.e. gift wrapping or delivery)
      and upcoming promotions

      Tell your back story

      The shop small movement is strong during the holidays, making consumers
       hyper- aware of local businesses. Include your personal story about
       local ownership as well as community and charity contributions.

       Include bouncebacks to track effectiveness, if desired         

3.  Distribute

Convert the book to pdf and you’re ready to distribute! Include it with your email blasts. (You can send it multiple times.) Make it available via download from your website and social media. Create posts promoting it.

There you go. An easy and cost-effective way to tell the big story about your business!

Until next time remember, 
You can do this!