How to get your neighbors to drive traffic to your store


Walk outside your store. Look to your left. Look to your right. The neighboring businesses within your site line can be powerful allies in increasing holiday business, regardless of their synchronicity with your concept.  

If you own a woman’s boutique and your neighbor is a spa, lucky you! The connection for cross promotion is obvious! But your neighbor might be a hardware store, a pet store or a pizza parlor. It doesn’t matter. You can still create strategic alliances that will help you both.

Create the connection
If you own a pet store and your neighbor is a candle store, there may not appear to be a logical cross promotional connection. So create one!

For example, we know that lit candles can be dangerous around pets during the holidays.
Ask the candle store to create a flameless candle display and then cross promote.  Create a Pet Safety Tip Flyer with a bounceback and ask the candle store to distribute. Jointly host a class on pet safety during the holidays.

Distribute bouncebacks for the candle store to each visitor or customer. By finding a common connection, you can easily feed each other business.

Here’s another example.

You’re a home décor store with a pizza neighbor. Ask the pizza place to distribute a flyer with each delivery that says something like, “You could be enjoying this delicious pizza on a beautiful new dining room table from (your store name). Bring this flyer in for a 10% discount." You, in turn, can distribute bouncebacks for the pizza place to every visitor or host a pizza party in your store.

You see, the connection isn’t always obvious but if you dig a little, you’ll find one. What’s more, it will be unexpected and sure to get attention!

Cross promotion checklist
Here’s a checklist of other ways to work with neighbors to multiply the power of each other’s customer base:

  • Put a sign on each other’s store window, or a sandwich board with a big arrow
             Have you visited our neighbor next door?
  •  Post about each other on social media
  •  Invite each other’s social media followers to follow the other
  •  Host a joint promotion
  •  Distribute your neighbor’s bounceback or flyer with each purchase
  •  Give a discount with a receipt from the neighbor’s store
  •  Create joint ads
  •  Include content or ads in each other’s email blasts
  •  Do a joint charity fundraiser or flash sale

There’s a good chance your neighbor is getting traffic that isn’t visiting your store and vice versa. By actively cross promoting, you can easily and inexpensively tap into a new potential customer base. Start talking to your neighbors today so you can set your joint program up in time for the holidays.

Until next time remember, 
You can do this!

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